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Stay updated with current happenings at Grand River Academy. This blog also includes resources for families and friends of GRA.

GRA’s Transformational Summer Academy

GRA’s Transformational Summer Academy

How is your son performing in school? Is he achieving academic success? What about personal and social success? Does your son have a vision for his fast-approaching future?

Whether your son is:

  • Expressing boredom in school
  • Needing to be challenged academically
  • Lacking healthy relationships and role models in his life
  • Slipping off of the college prep track


  • Struggling in school
  • Finding it hard to keep up with his classmates
  • Working with a learning difference
  • Would benefit from a fresh environment

There’s an urgency to find a solution to strengthen your son’s future.

When the school year draws to a close, what will your son’s summer consist of? Have you considered a summer program to strengthen your son’s high school transcript?

While there are many schools and organizations that offer summer school or a summer camp, Grand River Academy has structured a summer academy unlike most – where students are immersed in a supportive, close-knit community.

Our five-week summer program helps students reignite their drive to succeed and improve their academic, social, and emotional skills.

Academically, your son will:

  • Benefit from small class sizes
  • Receive individualized support during and after class hours
  • Discover his learning style
  • Build focused study skills

The summer academy’s academic program gives students the ability to earn a new credit in a course, make-up a credit in a course, and preview a course for enrichment.

Socially, your son will:

  • Interact and form life-long relationships with like-minded young men
  • Build strong relationships with inspiring and impactful mentors
  • Participate in recreational, on-campus activities
  • Explore Northeast Ohio on exciting, interactive field trips

Past field trips have included Cleveland Indians baseball games, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Niagara Falls, paintball, golf outings, canoeing and fishing ventures on the Grand River, and beach trips to Lake Erie.

Personally, your son will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Realize his passions and potential
  • Establish short-term and long-term goals
  • Take control of his education and future
  • Rediscover success on his own terms

Your son’s future begins now. With the right support, he can achieve his potential and thrive in his next academic and personal steps.

Empower your son to transform himself this summer at GRA’s Summer Academy.

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