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GRA in the Classroom: Exploring the Recording Studio

GRA in the Classroom: Exploring the Recording Studio

The steady beat of a drum, the clash of a symbol, the distinct notes of a trombone - these are just a few of the sounds exploding from the Posner Family Music Room in the Robert S. Morrison Lecture Center at Grand River Academy. 

Made possible by a generous group of donors, including an alumnus family, faculty, staff, and three current GRA parents, students are recording their musical talents and fully engaging in their musical and educational passions. 

Previously a storage area for musical equipment, GRA's all-boys boarding school now boasts a fully equipped music and audio recording studio. Contemporary Performance students have been exploring and recording their musical creations, combining that with videography to create personal works of art. Multimedia Instructor Mr. Sean Kaschak shares that "the students have been incredibly keen on learning how to set up a studio session.  They're very talented and I'm glad that they're getting in the studio in their free time to record and create."

Check out this video by Russell ’17 and Andrew ’16, who wrote, played, and recorded the music, and creatively edited the video.

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