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Does My Son Have a Learning Style? [Quiz]

Does My Son Have a Learning Style? [Quiz]

Learning is never one-size-fits-all. Children learn and process information in different ways, and the identification and understanding of how your son learns can help you best support him inside and outside of the classroom.

According to the Institute for Learning Styles, there are seven different learning styles.1 The three main stylesareauditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic.

  • Auditory

Children who are auditory learners acquire information best through direct verbal communication,such as discussions, lectures, or speeches.

  • Visual

Visual learners retain information best when concepts and directions are visual,2 empowering them to associate an image with an idea.

  • Tactile-kinesthetic

Tactile and kinesthetic students learn best when they are actively moving, touching, and experiencing lessons first-hand.2

Which is your son’s dominant learning style?

To help your son learn more effectively, and to ensure his specific learning needs are met, identify how his male brain learns best by having him take the learning style quiz.

This 15-question quiz will:

  • Identify your son’s strongest learning style
  • Show how he relies on the other two styles
  • Discuss how your son can use his learning strengths to approach challenges in the classroom
  • Display tips to help your son improve his ability to use the other styles

Once you and your son discuss the results of this learning style quiz, be sure to share the information with your son’s teachers. When hisunique learning needs are acknowledged and catered to in the classroom, he will feelempowered to take ownership of his progressand success.

Discover your son’sprimary learning style by asking him to complete a quick 15-question quiz.


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2 Farwell, Terry. Family Education. "Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Learners." Accessed September 17,2016.

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