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Boarding Schools, Private Day Schools & Public Schools: Which One is Right for Your Son – Slideshow

Boarding Schools, Private Day Schools & Public Schools: Which One is Right for Your Son – Slideshow

Finding the right school for your son can be a daunting task. Whether it is public, private or boarding – there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing which type of school is the best fit for your son’s specific needs.

No matter what direction you take, your decision should always be driven by working to find the best education for your son. While some of the differences may be obvious, choosing the right school for your son can entail many subtle differences as well.

Follow along as we walk you through the differences between boarding, private and public schools, helping you determine the right solution to help your son succeed academically.

The All-Boys Boarding School Advantage

An all-boys boarding school goes beyond the basic academics found in public schools. Rather than education ending when your son walks out of a classroom, a boarding school environment creates an educational community that consists of both challenging academics and an atmosphere built on learning.

Education extends well beyond the classroom, as a boarding school helps provide your son with the tools he needs for lifelong success academically, socially, and emotionally. Studying, living and interacting on campus helps your son adapt to life on his own, paving his own path to success while being surrounded by a community of students who share similar goals. Better yet, boarding school students are more motivated to succeed, more prepared for college and more involved in their educational community than their public school peers.

One of the reasons that boarding school students feel so positively about their education is due to the smaller class sizes and increased one-on-one interactions with their teachers. This makes it much more difficult for a student to go unnoticed and allows teachers the opportunity to diversify teaching methods to keep all students engaged.

Private Day Schools

Private day schools are another option to consider for your son. Private day schools are typically less expensive than boarding schools because your son would not be living on campus. This option would limit the interaction available with teachers outside of the classroom and would follow a similar schedule as a public day school. Academics are a priority to keep in mind when considering enrolling your son into a private day school. Like boarding schools, your son will have access to an extended curriculum tailored towards their specific interest rather than the strict course offerings that have become all too common in public school environments. This means that your son has a little more flexibility in choosing an education that interests them, helping them to stay focused and engaged with their coursework.

Public Schools

It’s no surprise that nearly ninety percent of children in our country attend a public school in their community. Public schools, by their nature, offer a more generalized curriculum in attempts to accommodate the vast levels of learning. Classrooms can often be larger than most parents would like, meaning there is less opportunity for the one-on-one or hands-on style of learning that boys especially benefit from.

Researching your community’s school district is a significant step towards choosing the right school for your son. Public schools vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, so make sure the school in your community has a well-standing track record before enrolling your son.

Knowing What’s Right For Your Son

Don’t get caught up on hearsay and rumors when it comes to deciding the right school environment to help your son succeed. Instead, take some time to visit the schools on your short list and seek out answers to whatever questions you have.

If you’re visiting a potential boarding school, make sure to take a close look at the dorm rooms and meal arrangements in addition to the educational offerings and curriculum requirements. Be sure to ask about any specific course offerings, athletic programs or extracurricular activities to make sure the school is a right fit for your son.

With so many opportunities out there, it’s no surprise that parents are taking more time to explore their options when it comes to choosing the right setting for their son’s education. Give him all the tools he needs to succeed and activate his true potential at a college preparatory boarding and day school, like Grand River Academy. Taking a 360-degree approach to education, Grand River Academy nurtures young men to help them achieve their academic, emotional and social potential while preparing them for lifelong success. Discover the difference a Grand River education can make for your son and contact us for more information today.

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