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Autumn Reflections at GRA

Autumn Reflections at GRA

Autumn is my favorite season at Grand River Academy. First and foremost, Autumn represents the settling in of our students and academic year. This is the time where our new students are comfortable with their classes and friend groups, and begin to shine in and out of the classroom. With midterms completed and academic schedules set, our faculty and students are in their rhythm of learning. A very enjoyable thing to watch grow, as the leaves themselves turn colors.

And speaking of leaves, each year I am struck at how blessed we are to be located in Northeast Ohio with our rich fall foliage and landscape. A walk down the sidewalk is a peaceful stroll many of us take for granted, but surely miss when the opportunity to gaze at the color is lost. It is not everywhere one can drive around a community and smell the fresh grape harvest, while simultaneously appreciating the Thomas Kinkade-esque covered bridge and lake scenery.

Similar to our Winter season for those in our campus community who come from warmer climates, it is something worth anticipating - watching the delight of students who have not experienced the four seasons to their fullest extent. Sure, part of this season is the sound of leaf blowers and afternoon raking sessions, but nothing beats running and jumping through a pile of leaves and enjoying the sweet taste of warm apple cider and donuts in the evening chill.

I appreciate Autumn at GRA because it reminds me of the simpler things, and helps to put perspective in any current situation. You see, time is constantly moving and the landscape around us always changing, but we can take solace in that fact. "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future," President John F. Kennedy once wrote. We surely should enjoy the benefits of our fall season here on campus and remember that just like Grand River Academy's 185 year history, a new chapter will soon begin based on the beauty and solace of our past and present.

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