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Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Dongjin Kang '11

Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Dongjin Kang '11

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight Dongjin Kang '11.

Dongjin is currently a student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Toledo where he completed his undergraduate work in Pharmacy studies following graduation from Grand River Academy. He plans to finish his degree in 2017 and will be a full-time PhD student in Medical Chemistry thereafter.

Dongjin's professional goals include, "to become a researcher and ambassador for a pharmaceutical company in U.S to advocate my profession and to introduce novel medications to all across the world."

Staying fit and healthy is still just as important to Dongjin now, as it was when he was a student at GRA. "I consider myself an avid weightlifter and bodybuilder, and I wish to take my training to the next level after graduating pharmacy school by participating in body building competitions," he said. "I also like to watch baseball and movies on weekends to occasionally "cool-off" from studying."

Dongjin recently came back to campus for a brief visit and to see what is new and exciting. The experience made him reflect on what he misses most. "I miss most the daily routine of GRA, from the start of the day with smells of fresh-cut grass, to the end of fellowship time in the lobbies of each dorm I lived. Also, I miss the unique GRA family-like atmosphere where everyone intermingled to build a camaraderie that lasts a lifetime."

When asked what advice or encouraging words he would share with current students, Dongjin noted "Try your best in everything you do with genuine effort. You never want to regret at the end of your day, wondering if I should have done it to best of my ability, and reflect back on your day to evaluate how you can improve yourself the next day."

"Most importantly, don't be afraid to fail because you learn the most from your mistakes, and it serves as a motivating factor for you to do better next time." Lastly, Dongjin encouraged our students to "keep your fire burning in your heart for the desires and hopes to become the best person you can possibly be, while keeping in mind that everything is possible with hard work and perseverance, and trust me - it will all pay off on your behalf in the end."

If you would like to get in touch with ​Dongjin, fellow GRA alumni, or be featured on David's Desk, please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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