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Alternative Approach to Teaching Boys

Alternative Approach to Teaching Boys

An Alternative Approach to Teaching Boys

As a boy in a traditional school system, your son has some hard-hitting statistics working against him. According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, boys in traditional education systems account for:

  • 66% of learning disabilities
  • 90% of discipline referrals
  • 70% of D’s and F’s, and fewer than half of A’s
  • 80% of high school dropouts1

What’s going on with boys in school? More recently, this question has been a hot research topic – one that uncovers the divide between conventional teaching and the needs of the male brain.

So if your son is struggling academically or behaviorally in school, he’s not alone. Many parents come to us looking for help. We understand it’s hard to watch your son continue on a downward spiral when you know he’s filled with endless potential.

Your son’s disconnected attitude toward school is not his true tone. His unique and enthusiastic way of learning is just not being supported – causing him to become disengaged, lose focus, accept poor grades, act up, and fall further behind.

Something has to change.

At GRA, we’ve made it our mission to deliver an alternative approach to teaching boys. Through a personalized and energized educational atmosphere, your son will be inspired to regain control of his academics and begin working toward lifelong goals.

It’s not too late to better your son’s educational path this year. Discover GRA’s rolling admissions and help your son get back on track as early as next semester.


1 Gurian, Michael and Stevens, Kathy. “With Boys and Girls in Mind.” Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Accessed November 12, 2015.

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