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Advantages of an All Boys Boarding School

Advantages of an All Boys Boarding School

As recent statistics have come to prove, all genders are not equal when it comes to education. With growing discrepancies between males and females in terms of educational success, it is important to look for alternate solutions that may be able to improve a male’s ability to succeed educationally.

One such solution is transitioning your son to an all-boys boarding school. These types have schools often provide their students with several different advantages and benefits that better cater to the male style of learning and help them to become more engaged in their personal studies.

Tailored Teaching Styles

Since a boy’s brain works differently than that of their female peers, it is crucial that struggling boys seek out a different style of learning that may be more geared towards their success. The male brain has a large portion dedicated to spatial-mechanical learning, meaning that boys will both learn and pay more attention to lessons that emphasize a style of hands-on learning.

By providing the opportunity to open discussion, freeform learning on a variety of subjects and an ample amount of lab courses and interactive learning opportunities, an all-boys boarding school is able to help their students stay focused and engaged with their learning.

Freedom to Choose “New” Subjects and Activities

Without the pressures to study certain subjects in school, many boys find themselves pursuing courses they may not have considered while studying in a public school environment. Often, the teachers in a private boarding school may allow their students the freedom to choose subjects and topics on their own to help them become more invested and interested in learning. Students of all male schools have been found twice as likely to pursue their interest within the arts, languages and other subjects that have typically been dominated by female students.

Additionally, students at an all-boys private school have been found more likely to get involved within both their school and surrounding community. Private boarding schools offer a variety of social clubs, extracurricular activities, sports and volunteer opportunities. These activities not only give way to an array of social opportunities, but also can help students to grow as both a leader and a young adult providing the social skills and tools needed for success throughout their life.

Self-Discovery and Lifelong Friendships

Moving away from home and being surrounded by their peers in a 24/7 teaching environment helps students at an all-boys boarding school to learn more about themselves while making lifelong connections with their fellow students. From the educational role models in the classroom to the wide support of their peers, students at a private boarding school are able to grow as a young man alongside other students who are equally as passionate and dedicated towards common goals and interests. An education at a private boarding school provides a student with the tools they need for success, learning how to live on their own and be self-reliant.

Students of the Grand River Academy are provided with the learning support and educational resources that can help them realize their full potential and set them on a course for success. Boys at the school reinvent themselves with the aid of their peers and teachers, serving as role models for success and motivating students to better find themselves and grow both academically and socially. Discover the Grand River difference, contact us today!

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