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Stay updated with current happenings at Grand River Academy. This blog also includes resources for families and friends of GRA.

ADHD and School: How You Can Help Your Son Thrive

ADHD and School: How You Can Help Your Son Thrive

The first few months of a new school year can seem chaotic. Adjusting to a new schedule, new work load, and new social situations may leave your son feeling a bit overwhelmed.

If your son is contending with a learning difference, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), managing a busy schedule, demanding courses, and social relationships can become increasingly difficult throughout the school year because of his impulsive and hyperactive behavior.

As your son’s biggest advocate, we understand your urgency to identify your son’s needs and provide him with the right support and guidance.

Our three-part blog series on ADHD delivers a wealth of strategies and resources.

  • Part I: Understanding ADHD
    • If you’re just starting to learn about ADHD, this blog post will help you begin to understand the learning difference.
  • Part II: Social Challenges with ADHD
    • Learn about three social challenges children with ADHD face and the strategies to overcome them.
  • Part III: Resources for Parents of ADHD Children
    • View our comprehensive list of resources to build your knowledge of ADHD and support your son.

In our ADHD guide, we lay out four techniques that will empower you to help your son excel in school. Discover:

  • Ways you can communicate with your son’s teachers to improve his success in the classroom
  • How your son can get organized to improve focus, prioritization, and time management
  • How your son can master homework by setting a consistent routine
  • How learning can become fun and meaningful for your son

We understand that advocating for your son’s success is no small task. With the right support, though, your son can thrive.

At Grand River Academy, ADHD is not viewed as a setback, but a different way of learning. Students with learning differences are empowered to reach their full potential through alternative learning strategies and individualized support.

Learn how young men just like your son are succeeding in school and life with ADHD.

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