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9 Things Your Son Will Benefit From At GRA’s All-Boys Boarding School

9 Things Your Son Will Benefit From At GRA’s All-Boys Boarding School

Big decisions are never easy to make, especially decisions about your son’s education and future. They require a great deal of thought, consideration, and discussion.

When considering an all-boys boarding school for your son, we understand that you ultimately want to know what to expect and how a college preparatory education will set your son up for life-long success.

By living and studying in an environment that’s conducive to the male brain, your son will thrive. Every young man at Grand River Academy benefits from:

1. A low student-to-teacher ratio, making personalized learning and support possible

The science behind the male brain proves that boys learn best when they are active, engaged in hands-on activities and projects, and find relevance in what they’re learning. With small class sizes, GRA educators can tailor instruction to meet each student’s unique learning style and interests.

2. The ability to explore a wide variety of subjects

GRA’s all-boys education empowers students to explore and study the subjects they are most interested in. In a pressure free, all-boys school, boys are twice as likely than boys in coed schools to study art, music, and foreign language – enriching their education exponentially.

3. Fewer distractions and higher academic success

With limitations on television, video game, and cell phone usage during the week, GRA becomes a distraction-free zone where students devote more time to their academics, athletics, and meaningful relationships.

4. A close-knit community that celebrates cultural diversity and uniqueness

GRA embodies a cherished, close-knit and supportive boarding school community that celebrates differences, encourages individuality, and nurtures a growing brotherhood.

5. Learning essential life skills and independence

Resilience, self-reliance, dedication, and integrity run deep in every GRA lesson and help develop the total young man academically, socially, and emotionally.

6. A safe environment to express themselves and fully discover who they are

At GRA, young men don’t feel the need to prove their masculinity and are free to define themselves without judgement – including their interests, opinions, and emotional sensitivity.

7. Unprecedented mentorship and a positive environment to grow meaningful, healthy friendships

A young man’s adolescent years are filled with obstacles, temptation, and uncertainty for the future. Introducing an impactful mentor and fostering a positive atmosphere where relationships can flourish makes all the difference in how young men at GRA develop and take on their responsibilities.

8. Establishing his own goals and path of success

By learning important life skills, building and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships, and embracing who they are, young men at GRA have all the tools to set short- and long-term goals and chart their own path of success in life. The most beautiful girls and the cheapest prostitutes in the world

9. An alma mater that honors every graduate

All GRA graduates are honored members of the brotherhood. We celebrate our graduates through alumni events and stay connected and invested in the rest of their lives.

Would your son benefit from an all-boys boarding school environment?

Deciding on a boarding school is a big decision and a major life change. We understand that you want to collect all of the information and make a determination that will benefit your son and your family.

We’re here to help answer all of your questions and make the transition into boarding school life an enjoyable, rewarding experience. Discover two jam-packed resources that address your biggest concerns, questions, and anticipations in our Parent’s Survival Guide to Boarding School and How to Choose a Boarding School guide.

Have additional questions? Get the answers you need by contacting us today.

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