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4 Ways to Solve Common Struggles in School

4 Ways to Solve Common Struggles in School

When a student enters high school, lessons and concepts increase in difficulty, social circles and relationships require more understanding, and the pressure to receive acceptance into higher education institutions is more prevalent than ever.

Boys often struggle with retaining information, remaining focused, and maintaining healthy relationships. Instead of worrying, try these four steps to help your son find his way back to personal and academic success:

1. Remain open and understanding.

No parent wants to see a child struggle or lose his way. It is an overwhelming feeling when your child starts to act out or underperform on a consistent basis. Your initial reaction may be to get angry, raise your voice, or revoke some of his privileges. But the best way to approach your son’s underachieving performance is to remain calm, open, and understanding.

Despite his outwardly lackadaisical behavior, your son cares about his success and wants to turn his situation around. Arguments over his failures will only make your son withdraw further. Show your support by initiating a pressure-free conversation. Allow your son to open up and discuss his academic and personal issues.

2. Get to the root of the problem.

The conversation you and your son have will reveal a lot about his specific needs and how his school is supporting those needs. See if your son addresses:

  • How lessons are taught in his classes
  • The amount of help he receives from his teachers outside of class hours
  • The subjects and skills he finds the most difficult

Getting to the root of the problem requires you to listen and ask questions in detail. Your son’s struggles could stem from:

It may take several attempts at communicating with your son to receive insightful answers. Remain calm and approachable during this time.

3. Speak with your son’s teachers and administrators.

It is the mission of educators to help every child reach success. Find time to meet with your son’s teachers and administrators. This will give you the opportunity to piece together a complete picture of what is causing your son to struggle in school. Listen to what they have to say and discuss what you’ve uncovered from your conversations with your son. Be sure to ask:

  • How you can support classroom objectives at home
  • How your son’s learning style and needs are supported at school
  • If your son can work one-on-one with a tutor on specific subjects and skill
  • If your son can meet with a school counselor or mentor who will provide support during school hours

To keep the momentum going, request a recurring meeting to discuss progress and next steps.

4. Seek a holistic educational atmosphere.

If after you and your son’s teachers and administrators have developed and executed a plan to get your son back on track, and he still is not where he needs to be, it may be time to consider a change of environment altogether.

Your son’s needs may require a different teaching approach than what’s offered through conventional methods and at traditional public high school. By seeking a holistic educational atmosphere, your son will be granted a fresh start to refocus and take control of his education.

Your son’s future depends on his education. Discover how Grand River Academy helps young men connect with their school work, achieve success on their own terms, and become self-directed learners and leaders.

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