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Stay updated with current happenings at Grand River Academy. This blog also includes resources for families and friends of GRA.

3 Strategies to Improve Your Son’s Writing

3 Strategies to Improve Your Son’s Writing

Your son is always on your mind. When it comes to his academics, you constantly wonder how he’s doing, if he is finding success, and how you can better support his needs. You worry because you’ve seen it first-hand: Learning with dysgraphia can create a barrier between your son and his potential.

You know your son is intelligent, well-spoken, and wants to learn. But the built up frustration and lack of confidence that arises while learning with dysgraphia turns school into a stressful environment.

So how can you help your son take control of his education?

Dysgraphia Guide ThumbnailIn our Dysgraphia Guide, we’ve laid out three strategies to improve your son’s writing in and out of the classroom. Inside you’ll discover how to:

- Pinpoint your son’s biggest writing obstacle(s)

- Discuss classroom strategies with his teachers

- Practice writing at home in fun, interactive ways

At GRA, we know that success starts with committed, daily writing practice and with the right support and guidance. It’s imperative that your son realize his unbound potential and intelligence.

Want to learn more about Grand River Academy? Discover how far your son can soar with individualized and personalized learning support.

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