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3 Strategies to Improve Your Son’s Nonverbal Skills

3 Strategies to Improve Your Son’s Nonverbal

Language – both verbal and nonverbal – plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Although academic standards are designed to evaluate both the verbal and nonverbal aspects of a child’s intelligence, “educators tend to ignore evidence of nonverbal deficiencies in students,” according to Sue Thompson, a former special education teacher and present day educational consultant and therapist.

While nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD) can affect your son’s motor skills and academic success, it has a bigger impact on his social skills. As your son’s biggest advocate, we know it’s imperative you find the right resources and support to help your son find success in and out of the classroom.

That’s why we’ve laid out three key strategies to strengthen your son’s nonverbal skills in our nonverbal learning guide. The guide includes:

Nonverbal learning disorder tips- Altering your communication with your son

Children with NVLD have a hard time interpreting tone of voice and sarcasm and tend to take instructions literally.

- Exposing your son to different social encounters and activities

This will allow you to work with your son to identify appropriate nonverbal behavior and social cues.

- Seeking support from your son’s teachers

Your son spends the majority of his time at school. Working with your son’s teachers will give your son unified support at home and in the classroom.




At Grand River Academy, we believe that the total young man is well-rounded and prepared to shape the world by expressing his complete self – academically, socially, and emotionally. In the right environment and with the right support, your son can build superior nonverbal and social skills.

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