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13th Annual Ashtabula County Botany Competition

13th Annual Ashtabula County Botany Competition

On Wednesday, May 1, 2013, Grand River Academy participated in the 13th annual Ashtabula Botany Competition.  This competition is sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Gazette Newspapers, and the Ashtabula County Parks Foundation.


For this competition, participants worked in teams of 5 students, and had two hours to identify 31 native wildflowers.  Students used Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide to identify the plants, which are marked by flags.  An adult volunteer leads the students through the course, which is held in the Ashtabula Gulf near the Smolen Covered Bridge.


This year, Grand River Academy competed against 9 other local high school teams.  Mrs. Studer, the team’s advisor, formed a team consisting primarily of her Biology II students.  Participants included Justin Evans 13’, Patrick Martucci 13’, JB Stackhouse 13’, Ben Triulzi 14’, Leo Zhang 14’ and Matt Fiedler 13’, alternate.  This year’s team worked very well together, and the competition sponsors commented on their diligence and good team work. 

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