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Coaches: David Scharping / Ryan Lum

Lake Effect Conference

Titles/Championships: NA

grand river basketball team

2014-2015 Eagles Roster

JV Roster Varsity Roster
Honeil Cai- 10th grade
 JiaShang, China
Pedro Fernandes - 11th grade
 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nicholas Chen- 12th grade 
 Wenzhou, China
Kelvin Addae - PG
 Brooklyn, New York
James Guo- 12th grade 
 Shangrao, China
Jon Butler - 12th
 Houston, Texas
Dmitry Chebakov - 12th grade
 St. Petersburg, Russia
Dylan Porter - 11th grade
 Austin, Texas
Allen Huang - 11th grade
 Wenzhou, China
Sam Simpson - 12th grade
 Cincinnati, Ohio
Jack X Liang - 10th grade
 Guangdong, China
Preston Schrader - 12th grade
 Cincinnati, Ohio
Andrew Mcwhorter - 9th grade
 Silver springs, Maryland
Michael Lamendola - 11th grade
 Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Arthur Pan - 11th grade
 Shanghai, China
Allen Zeng - 11th grade
 Shenzhen, China
Mark Wang - 11th grade
 Shengyang, China
Will Potesta - 11th grade
 Charleston, West Virgina
James Zhang - 11th grade
 Shanghai, China
David Herdina - 11th grade
 Cincinnati, Ohio
James Zhao - 11th grade
 Lanxi, China
Yao Yao- 12th grade
 Shangai, China
Mark Valentine - 11th grade
 Cincinnati, Ohio
Gary Leslie - 12th grade
 Geneva, Ohio
Michael Stewart - 9th grade
 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 Bobby Migliaccio - 12th grade
  Providence, Rhode Island
Jacob Paredes - 9th grade
Chicago, Illinois

Vincent Taylor - 10th grade

Rockford, Illinois

 Rick He - Manager
 Wenzhu, China

Basketball News Feed

Eagles Win Basketball Home Opener
December 9th The Grand River Academy Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball teams tipped off their season Tuesday night against Lawrence School. The Junior Varsity began the evening with intensity an...
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Eagles Prepare for Winter Season
The Fall Sports season is officially over and basketball and wrestling conditioning begin this week! Official practices will begin at the end of the month. The Bowling team will also begin visiting th...
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GRAND RIVER ACADEMY ANNOUNCES WINTER ATHLETIC AWARDS     AUSTINBURG, OH – March 7, 2014 – The Robert S. Morrison Lecture Center at Grand River Academy was filled with applause, and great p...
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