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We work to develop and refine life skills and encompass emotional, philosophical, social and intellectual aspects of life at GRA. The curriculum is one that encourages students to reach their potential in social as well as academic pursuits. Our community promotes student individuality and contributes to each students’ personal growth and well being.

preppy grand river students

To Live. To Learn. To Grow.

”This is the heart of the boarding school promise: that some adult will become involved in the life of each child and will come to care about that childs growth and development, and that caring will make a difference in the students education.” Educational Authors, Bill Poirot & Dusty Richards

The Residential Life Curriculum (The other 75% of the Day):

Being a boarding school, we recognize that we have a captive audience outside of the academic day.

The Grand River Academy Residential Life Curriculum is taught during weekly residence hall meetings and every weekend. It is designed to address in-house issues among peers, educational concerns and community responsibility.