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With the right help, every young man can transform into a college-ready and life-prepared person.


The GRA Difference


Grand River Academy has a rich history of helping each young man make a transformation into a college-ready and life-prepared person. 

Please read our published white paper on The Essential Characteristics of a Boy Friendly Learning Environment

Grand River Academy embraces a 360-degree philosophy. This philosophy encourages each young man to be himself and activate his true potential. Students graduate from GRA with the knowledge and ability to lead a successful life. With a devoted faculty and nurturing community, our boys grow academically, socially and emotionally. This 360-degree approach leads to a high percentage of the student body making the honor roll and discovering great success in the classroom.

Grand River Academy embraces a 360-degree philosophy.  This philosophy encourages each young man to be himself and activate his true potential.  Students graduate from GRA with the knowledge and ability necessary to lead a successful life. 

We have 101 boys for 101 different reasons. Some boys may have been academically underachieving in their previous school environment. Others want a caring and structured environment that is conducive for success. Some boys may have learning differences that their old school could not address. Whatever the reason, our boys find that Grand River Academy is a place they can be themselves, reinvent themselves, rediscover their passions, and get back on the college prep track.

Our boarding school atmosphere is a special place for growth. To give our boys an experience set apart from other top college prep boarding schools, the experience outside the classroom is just as valuable as the classroom experience. Our Residential Life Program focuses on community building, forging friendships and teaching our young men how to navigate adolescence. Because of this focus, our students learn how to be independent and responsible 21st-century citizens.

As a small boarding school, our students do not fall through the cracks. Our class sizes are small. Our teachers and administrators have the pulse of how each student is doing. Faculty members are available after the class day ends for special help and study sessions. The on-campus support, individualized and adaptable program and investment in each boy's success leads to a positive academic, social and emotional transformation.

Our program is designed to give your son every opportunity to find success. I invite you to explore the contents of our website. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how a Grand River Academy education will help your son find success, please contact Peter Wickman in the Admission Office or me by clicking the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

-Tim Viands, Headmaster