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International Students

Application Process

This step by step guide to the application process includes information on required forms, transcripts and documents.

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International Students

University Placement

To facilitate the placement process, our knowledgeable placement specialists work with a full range of colleges and universities across the country.

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International Students

English Language Institute

Applications are accepted until the session is full. To ensure the availability of courses, early applications are advised.

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Our international students play an important role in our education-for-life approach to learning. We value our international students because we know we can help them learn about life in America – but equally because they help our American students learn about the world and life from different and vital perspectives.

International Students

The Academy has a full time Advisor of the International Program. Mrs. Angela Thomas teaches English Language and American Culture and is fully dedicated to the International Program. Mrs. Thomas has created a program to work with students on achieving academic success – but equally important for achieving social success and maturing emotionally. Each student has his own individualized program based on "How to Succeed and Have More Fun as this American Boarding School."


  • To help our international students become experts in the English language, and...
  • To give our international students the skill set to be academically successful in high school and a university, and...
  • To help our international students earn great university acceptances.

International Student Course of Study:

International students are placed in courses according to their ability: 

  • Beginning English-learners will be placed in 3-4 ESL courses that focus on: Grammar, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development, Listening and Speaking.  These students will take mainstream courses in Math, Science, and/or History.
  • Intermediate English-learners will be placed in 2-3 advanced ESL courses and mainstream courses in Math, History, Science and/or English.
  • Advanced English-learners will be placed in a full mainstream schedule and will be supported by the international student program coordinator.

Additional Courses offered in the International Student Program:

    English Language and American Culture Course:

    An introduction to both the language as it is spoken, and the country that is the United States. The goal of the class is to help each student's entrance into the community smooth and successful. Students will also be linked with an English Speaking Partner who will act as a mentor during the adjustment period.

    TOEFL Preparation Course:

    This is a complete preparation course for students planning to take the new version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

    English Speaking Partner Program (ESP):

    We pair each international student with an English Speaking Partner, one or our more experienced students, who acts as a mentor and friend, answering questions, suggesting ideas and helping to solve problems.