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Your son can reach his full potential. At Grand River Academy young men experience an academic philosophy focused on learning how to learn. This process of learning is reflected in each class. Study skills, time management techniques, note-taking strategies, college prep curriculum, and test preparation methods are taught and reinforced in all aspects of our college prep boarding school environment. At GRA, it’s not just about getting your son into a college or university; it’s about developing the attributes he needs to be a successful, ethical, and capable citizen.

 Grand River Academy’s all-boys boarding school in Ohio helps young men achieve lifelong success though focused college prep curriculum.


College Prep Academic Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for new academic experiences in a boy-focused learning environment.
  2. To provide an atmosphere in which under-performing students may achieve.
  3. To prepare students for admission to a college or university.

Strategies for College Prep Success

  • Small college prep of approximately seven students
  • Group and individual help sessions
  • Special afternoon study halls to provide extra structured time for homework assistance and completion
  • Nightly, faculty supervised, study periods
  • Saturday study sessions designed to supplement classroom work in order to enhance understanding when grades are deficient
  • English as a Second Language classes for international students
  • Faculty and Residential staff available for academic support in evenings and on weekends

Download the Curriculum Guide

View all college prep curriculum, listed by credit below:



Intro to Literature and Composition 1.00 Algebra 1/2 1.00
World Literature and Composition 1.00 Algebra I 1.00
American Literature and Composition 1.00 Intermediate Algebra 1.00
European Literature and Composition 1.00 Algebra II 1.00
Creative Writing .50 Algebra II Survey 1.00
Poetic Techniques .50 Intro to College Algebra 1.00
Young Adult Literature .50 Pre-Calculus 1.00
Works of Mitch Albom .50 Calculus 1.00
American Horror Classics .50 Calculus II 1.00
Heroes of their Day .50 Geometry 1.00
Yearbook .50

Finite Math 1.00

Film and Literature .50

Sports Statistics .50

Satire .50  
Graphic Novel .50  
Writing Lab .25  
Eighth Grade English 1.00  


Social Studies

Eighth Grade Science 1.00 Eighth Grade World Geography 1.00
Earth and Physical Science 1.00 Civics 1.00
Biology 1.00 Modern World History .50
Biology II 1.00 World History .50
Intro to Chemistry and Physics  1.00 US History 1.00
Chemistry 1.00 Psychology .50
Physics 1.00  Principles of Government .50
Environmental Science .50 Current Events .50
Robotics .50 Economics .50
Organic Chemistry .50 Sociology .50
Anatomy and Physiology .50 World Geography .50
Geology .50 African American History .50
Forensics .50 American Wars .50
Animal Behavior .50 American Presidents .50
Astronomy .50 Conflicts over the Past 50 Years .50
Sports Medicine .50 History through Sports .50

Physical Education / Health

Foreign Language

Physical Education .25 Spanish II 1.00
Health .50 Mandarin I 1.00


Graphic Design


Graphic Design .50 ELL 1 Grammar
Intro to Photography .50 ELL 1 Writing
Web Design .50
ELL 1 Reading and Vocabulary
Advanced Photography .50 ELL 1 Listening and Speaking
Videography .50 ELL 2 Grammar and Writing
Intro to Technology .50 ELL 2 Reading and Vocabulary

Fine Arts


Art .50 Foundations of Learning Program .25
Ceramics .50 Introduction to Western Philosphy .50
Advanced Art/Portfolio Creation .50  
Contemporary Performance .50  
Music Theory .50  




Graduation Resources:

Download Grand River Academy's complete all-boys college prep curriculum guide, and explore our additional graduation resources, such as the Ohio Graduation Requirements and Ohio Honors Diploma Requirements