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Our ultimate goal is to develop successful, ethical, capable citizens.

Our program is designed for college placement, each boy's next stepping stone toward that end goal. Our concentration on academic success naturally leads to college options that fit each student's needs and interests.

College Placement & Guidance at Grand River Academy from Grand River Academy on Vimeo.

At Grand River Academy's all-boys school, a sharp focus is placed on each boy's individuality and uniqueness. Our concentration on academic success naturally leads to college options that fit each student's needs and interests.

This is especially true when it comes to the college search and application process. Colleges and universities need to get to know the student, including his strengths, the challenges he has overcome, and why these attributes make him a better college-focused individual. Most importantly, the college application should communicate why the student should gain acceptance to each particular school he applies to.

For college preparatory school boys at GRA, there is no ‘one right time’ to apply to college. As the college adviser, I sit with each student, talk with his family, go through the information gathered, and devise a timeline. This college application plan moves each boy closer to the best possible outcome, gaining acceptance to his top-choice college.

Some of our boys attend large public universities, while most others attend small, private colleges. Our goal as a top college prep boarding school is to find that perfect match for every student – and it’s resulted in a 100% placement rate. Once we create a list of schools to apply to (this typically includes a dream school, 3 realistic schools, and one safety school), our college placement counselor sits with each student and works with him on every application. The submit button does not get pressed until we have thoroughly reviewed every aspect of the application including the resume and essays. This is an exciting process. Our boys have worked hard to get to this point in their lives and we work hard to take the stress and anxiety out of the entire process for the student and his family.

This is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the personal and academic growth each student has gained, and to recognize the accomplishments and successes our boys have experienced over the years in order to reach their goal: the letter of acceptance.

Grand River Academy’s College Acceptance List

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