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 GRA is moving students to learn through engaging curriculum that's geared toward the male brain

Grand River Academy students can concentrate their course of study in the following specific areas, similar to choosing a minor in college:

  • STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math)
  • Humanities
  • English & Composition
  • Visual & Fine Arts

The aim of this innovative program is to motivate students to learn and prepare every young man for the university structure, where they will specialize in an area of interest.  Students can increase their likelihood of being accepted into one of their top university/college choices by learning more about their own interests early on.  A secondary benefit of this program is that seniors get a chance to test and explore a possible college major.

 The following new courses are offered as part of Grand River Academy's college prep focused curriculum initiative:

The STEM Focused Curriculum:

  • Robotics (Science)
  • Animal Behavior (Science)
  • Organic Chemistry (Science)
  • Forensic Science (Science)
  • Astronomy (Science)
  • Finite Math (Math)
  • Environmental Science (Science)
  • Geology (Science)
  • Sports Statistics (Mathematics)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (Science)
  • Sports Medicine (Science)
  • Environmental Science with Aquatic Biology (Science)

The Humanities Focused Curriculum:

  • Modern World History (History)
  • History & Sports (History)
  • Modern Government (History)
  • Sociology (History)
  • African American History (History)
  • American Wars (History)
  • American Presidents (History)
  • Current Events (History)
  • Psychology (Social Studies)
  • Economics (Social Studies)
  • Philosophy
  • World Geography (Social Studies)

English & Composition Focused Curriculum:

  • Literature & Film (English)
  • American Horror Classics (English)
  • Heroes of their Day (English)
  • Contemporary Literature (English)
  • Creative Writing (English)
  • Satire (English)
  • Graphic Novel (English)
  • The Study of the Comic Book superhero (English)

Visual & Fine Arts Focused Curriculum:

  • Music Theory (Music)
  • Contemporary Performances (Music)
  • Ceramics
  • Painting
  • Advanced Art / Portfolio Design
  • Sculpture
  • Graphic Design (Computer)
  • Web Design (Computer)
  • Videography (Computer)
  • Advanced Videography (Computer)
  • Photography (Computer)
  • Advanced Photography (Computer)

Learn more about how our focused programd utilize college prep curriculum and teach to the minds of boys.