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Academics at GRA's College Prep All-Boys School

Grand River Academy believes that any student can thrive in the right environment. We guide every young man who enters the Academy to reach his full potential academically, socially, and morally. Designed specifically for boys, we view our all-boys college preparatory school as an avenue to develop young men into exceptional, contributing citizens.

As a top boarding school in Ohio, GRA's active and engaging learning environments focus on creation and collaboration, and motivating students to realize and achieve their true potential. With experienced and dedicated faculty and staff members who are experts at teaching boys, every young man develops qualities of character, honor, sportsmanship, empathy, and a passion for life-long learning. More than a boarding school education, GRA fosters a close-knit and supportive 'Community of One' - a home away from home, a family, and a place where enduring friendships take hold. 


Grand River Teacher and Students

Learning Support for our Students: the Foundations Learning Program is an elective program that provides comprehensive academic support for students with learning challenges.

Grand River students


Combining Counseling with Hand Tool Woodworking

This one-of-a-kind program incorporates the art of hand tool woodworking with traditional counseling methods to develop the total young man – academically, socially and emotionally.

Teaching Boys at Grand River Academy.

Boys Education & the Failings of Conventional Teaching Systems

Top college prep boarding schools to college placement

Our ultimate goal is to develop successful, ethical, capable citizens.

Our program is designed for college placement, each boy's next stepping stone toward that end goal. Our concentration on academic success naturally leads to college options that fit each student's needs and interests.

GRA helps young men make up high school credits and rediscover successes.

Young men make up a large portion of failing grades, disciplinary referrals, drop outs, and learning disability diagnoses. They don't plan to fail high school classes. Instead, they get derailed along the way by external factors and internal struggles. 

College prep curriculum students at graduation

Your son can reach his full potential. At Grand River Academy young men experience an academic philosophy focused on learning how to learn. This process of learning is reflected in each class. Study skills, time management techniques, note-taking strategies, college prep curriculum, and test preparation methods are taught and reinforced in all aspects of our college prep boarding school environment. At GRA, it’s not just about getting your son into a college or university; it’s about developing the attributes he needs to be a successful, ethical, and capable citizen.

International Student & ESL Services

The International Student Program (ESL)

Are you considering English-speaking boarding schools for teen boy? At Grand River Academy, students from China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Rwanda, Togo, Russia, Mexico, Tunisia, Venezuela and Canada have made our campus in Northeast Ohio in the United States a vibrant and flourishing community. Each student finds his home-away-from-home at GRA through our International Student Program. He’s placed in the Beginning ESL, Intermediate ESL, or Mainstream track based on his previous experience, and we guide him through our college-preparatory curriculum, providing the knowledge he needs to succeed in university and beyond.

Your Guide to Boys' Education

Are you considering boarding school and don’t know where to start? Are you looking for tips on how to approach education with a child with ADHD or executive functioning issues? Explore our resource center of guides for parents and educators to find the guidance you’re looking for.


There are a lot of reasons that contribute to boys becoming unmotivated students. Grand River Academy is creating an environment that provides extrinsic student motivation for young men to engage with their classes, teachers, and fellow students.


Learning disabilities cover a wide range of disorders that negatively impact learning. GRA helps students overcome their learning disabilities by having instructors who are able to spend enough time with them to help them develop effective learning strategies

Grand River Academy’s Winter Term provides students with the opportunity to learn and collectively create experiential courses with GRA faculty.