The “RE” Prefix September 3, 2012   As the new headmaster at Grand River Academy, I begin, much like our new students, optimistic and hopeful.  It has been an exciting summer preparing for the year, and we are ready.   I was speaking with my admissions director, Sam Corabi, and he said “Tim, you realize that many of today’s students aren’t able to put the word REWIND into context?”  This is so true.  Most of our students were not alive when Blockbuster video had signs saying Please Be Kind and Rewind.  The word REWIND is almost obsolete now.  No more beta or VHS tapes.  No more cassette tapes.  When was the last time someone had to REWIND something?   The answer is- this year, we will ask our students to REWIND, and many more “re” prefix words.  To name a few:

Reinvent / Reinvention This year is an opportunity to begin anew and put last year behind. Opportunities await and this is a time to define a new direction.
Rediscover It may not be stated in Grand River Academy’s mission statement, but we are a school that creates   opportunities for young men to REDISCOVER many things.  Perhaps it was a passion for learning?   Maybe it was sports? Music? Friendships?
Renewal Renewal of commitment to learning.  Renewal that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.    Renewal that college is an option.
Rededicate We will emphasize learning, study skills, organization, time management and healthy habits. 
Un-retire At GRA, the “used-to’s” are gone.  This is a chance for our   students to come out of retirement and play a sport and REIGNITE a passion

 So, a new year begins for Grand River Academy, and so does the opportunity to reinvent, rediscover, renew, rededicate and un-retire.