The “Little Things” Matter Most

December 28, 2012


I received an email from a parent the other day.  She was excited to spread the news that her son had just been accepted into his fifth college.  “He’s five for five” she commented. 


Grand River Academy exists to give students an opportunity to rediscover success.   The Academy’s caring, yet structured environment, is conducive to success for young men.  Our ultimate goal is for our boys to not only gain acceptance into a college or university, but be good people too.


I responded back to the mother, letting her know what a wonderful Christmas present this must be.  Her response back to me put everything Grand River Academy does into perspective.


“Hate to bother you over the break, yes it was a great Xmas present received on Christmas Eve. Though, it is so much bigger than that. Every time my son comes home, he shows us by his daily actions that he is growing up and turning into a reliable young man. It is absolutely amazing to watch the transformation take place. On Christmas Day, we all got in the car and I looked back to see that he was nicely dressed and shaven.  The only direction given was, "we are leaving in ten minutes, be ready to go." He was!  This is definitely the calmest, easy going Christmas we have experienced in a long time - maybe ever. Glad to know I don't need to be pinched out of a dream.”


Her response made me reflect.   It is not just the lessons we teach our boys in the classroom.  It is not the study halls we proctor at night.  It is not all about the tests, the quizzes, the projects, and the countless other assessments we give our boys to measure their learning.  It is the modeling we do for our boys.  The morals we aim to instill.  The manners that should be displayed at the table.  The importance of a clean and tidy room and “dressing for success” daily.


Perhaps the ultimate measure of our success is an email like this; A mother noticing the “little things” at home that will make a “big” difference in this boys’ life going forward.