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Technology- Effective vs. Efficient

In these times when the innovation cycle is tiny, technologies present both opportunity and distraction.  Text messaging has provided opportunities for us to communicate efficiently.  Consequently, it has also depersonalized communication. 
I was on a train about a year ago.  Two people were 'texting' next to each other.  I came to find out they were texting each other....  point being, there's a time and place.
Which of the above do you know?  Which can you somewhat recite?  Which has the most profound influence on your life?  The choice is obvious.
Take another example of concise writing...:
"I suport Prez. Obama cuz hes someone who iz 4 the ppl."
There's a fine line between writing well and writing succinctly.  The bottom line is that schools, administrators and teachers, must emphasize quality, cohesive, and concise writing that is attractive, appealing, revealing and informative.  The other day, someone was talking to me about their college dissertation.  I lost focus and interest about 90 seconds into his description.  His description lacked depth, clarity, cohesion and it was not CONCISE.
To reference the Gettysburg Address, let us look "four score and seven years" ahead and hope that our kids pave the way to better writing and communicating.
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