Our "People" Know What Matters Most

Our "People" Know What Matters Most

January 20, 2014


What is it that makes Grand River Academy exceptional compared to other schools?  This is a question I am often asked, and the answer is very easy.  The people. 


It is the faculty and staff that make the magic happen.  They are the ones who believe that the underlying potential of our students is ripe for activation.  They are the ones who teach our students never to give up. 


Our people wear many hats.  These various roles assumed by the faculty and staff provide our students with the resources to find success.


Our teachers teach. 


They advise. 


They mentor. 


They coach. 


They counsel and console. 


They motivate and inspire. 


They are the dorm parents.  


They are the trip leaders. 


They guide.  They lead.  They model. 


Our people love what they do. 


They take pride in their work.


More importantly, our people know that the boys are the ones matter most.