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A Preview of 2014

A Preview of 2014

A Preview of 2014


The New Year comes with excitement and optimism from my desk!


Strategic Planning:

During the summer of 2013, a group of faculty, administrators, board members and current parents began the strategic planning process.  The new plan will be the beacon for Grand River Academy as we strive to advance the school over the next five years.  The plan will also allow us to remain nimble and flexible, so that we can adapt to emerging opportunities and changing dynamics.  The plan has seven themes: Our School, Our Academics, Our People, Our Students, Our Campus, Our Community and Our Future.  The Strategic Planning Committee, as of this writing, is approximately half way through the process. 


Master Plan:

A new campus master plan is being developed in conjunction with the strategic plan.  The last master plan was created in 1998 and updated in 2002.  There is much to be celebrated from the last campus master plan.  The Bud Field Student Center, The Robert Morrison Lecture Center and Dylan Field are the results of the previous plan.  The need for a renewed direction is important. 


New constructions will be factored into the plan.  These new constructions will include a new dormitory complex, a new faculty housing complex, and the site of a new field house.  The master plan will also focus on branding the landscaping, signage and buildings, and examining pathways and roadways within the campus.  With all these components, energy efficiency and utilization of green spaces will be integral. 


Academics and Our People:

With the firm belief that we are the best in educating boys, we will continue to advance academic initiatives that keep us at the forefront.  New courses will be added that are of relevance and interest to our faculty and students.  Course materials will be selected that enhance and supplement the curriculum.  Faculty will be increasingly encouraged to attend professional development opportunities that enhance their skill set and add value to Grand River Academy. 



New technologies will be implemented that allow us to achieve optimal efficiency in educating our students.  In the springtime, all our faculty will be receiving laptop computers.  This will also enable our faculty to better collaborate and be more mobile with their classes and individual students. 


Our Community:

Community outreach and engagement will continue to be a major area of focus for us.  We will expand our outreach to community groups to utilize the Robert S. Morrison Lecture Center.  We will continue to seek ways to engage our students with groups coming on campus, and with off-campus groups and programs.  Our goal is to have Grand River Academy recognized as an important and valued member of the community.


Why do I say excitement?  The above are just a few of the items we have in motion now, and 2014 has hardly even begun.  Stay tuned for more updates and the announcement of our robust new strategic plan and vision.

-Tim Viands

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