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About Grand River Academy

Grand River Academy is a college preparatory boarding and day school that helps young men activate their academic, emotional and social potential and prepares them for lifelong success. Nationally recognized as one of the few remaining boarding schools of its kind in the United States, GRA offers a non-military, nonsectarian, all-male college preparatory education. The academy celebrated 175 years of education in 2006! Head of School Blog

When education is mishandled in America, it seems to be the boys who suffer most. Boys are more likely to be enrolled in special education classes, held back a grade, referred to school psychologists, and drop out of school. Overall, they are less committed to school and are less likely to go to college. Boys are punished more often and more severely. Schools have fundamental control over these results, but not all schools are willing to be accountable for them. This is the key difference between Grand River Academy and other schools, both public and private.


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Here is a list of some frequently asked questions Grand River Academy hears from prospective families and students.  If you have any questions though, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (440) 275-2811. 



  • Director of Admissions

The next Director of Admissions at Grand River Academy will take charge of an established admissions program with room to incorporate new initiatives in student recruitment. The current office of two, with an existing and motivated Associate Director in place, uses a “rolling admissions” approach to the enrollment process, with a combination of local and national recruitment of students. Recently, Grand River Academy has added an international approach to enrollment management, visiting and recruiting students in Vietnam, China, and other international locations.

While the reputation of the school is already national and international, the next Director of Admissions will continue to expand the school’s recognition worldwide while also cultivating local relationships as it builds the student body, extending admission to incoming eighth graders, a new addition to the Academy. The next Director of Admissions, alongside the Head of School, will oversee that expansion.

· Extensive experience in Admissions;
· Superior interpersonal skills;
· Superior communication skills in listening to ands peaking with parents, faculty, and administration;
· Excellent organizational skills;
· Flexibility;
· Willingness to travel to recruit students;
· Willingness to love and work in a small/tight-knit community; willingness to be a “24-7” member of the school community;
· Self-motivated;
· Willingness to try new approaches to student recruitment

Interested candidates should submit the following materials as separate PDF attachments in one email:

· Cover letter expressing interest in the Grand River Academy position;
· Current resume;

Please send all materials to Rice Bryan of Carney, Sandoe & Associates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Teaching Faculty: 

  • None



  • Weekend Campus Supervisor


grand river history

Grand River Academy is one of the oldest private schools in Ohio. Its history dates back to 1831, when benefactor Dr. Orestes K. Hawley endowed a school with a building and several acres of land on the banks of the Grand River.



Grand River Academy

3042 College Street
Austinburg, Ohio



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Grand River Academy is thankful for the dedication and loyalty of its Board of Trustees. Our Board strives to make a difference in each students education; made up of community leaders, alumni and alumni parents the Grand River Academy Board of Trustees is the foundation of the Academy.


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The Academy’s curriculum is college preparatory, with an emphasis on helping those students who can benefit from the extra attention offered in a boarding program.


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