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GRA is the solution

Do you know a young man who is not working up to his potential and needs to get back on track?

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The FOUNDATIONS Learning Program

Learning Support

Individualized and personalized learning support for students with ADHD and mild to moderate learning disabilities

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Family Resources

We strive to promote constructive communication between students, parents, administration, faculty, Board of Trustees, and staff.

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Latest News

Weekend Athletics Wrap Up
Golf: The Grand River Academy Golf Team participated in the Madison Country Club Interscholastic Invitational on Saturday, September 13th. Conditions were tough as the boys teed off in a down pour but they persevered to finish their rounds. As a tea...
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Student Life
Motivating Boys to Succeed Academically
When boys come home with below average or failing grades year after year, parents are often quick to blame the abilities of their son, feeling that he should be responsible and more successful in their education. What many parents don’t realize is th...
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Challenging the "Male Stereotypes" in Education
Traditionally men are characterized as macho with an unheralded and unrivaled bravado that cannot be matched nor quelled. These male stereotypes and generalizations have transcended in to academia, where many boys are being groomed to abide by this c...
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Grand River Academy


Nationally recognized as one of the few remaining boarding schools of its kind in the United States, Grand River Academy offers a non-military, nonsectarian, all-male college preparatory education. The academy celebrated 175 years of education in 2006!

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